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Telescope + Microscope + Binocular Science Master SE Kit

Price: 64.00 EUR / 220.98 Lt.



It arouses curiosity in the world, develops imagination, teaches and entertains the original Science Master set . We give you a set of three optical instruments with their help a young scientist will carry out hundreds of inspiring observations and experiments. High quality lenses guarantee bright, clear and contrastive images of the world on micro and macro scale. Opticon ScienceMaster instruments bring the world closer to you ?stars, comets, planets and Moon craters, as well as plant cells and microstructures on the insect crusts. A large telescope gives you magnification up to 90x proving itself worthy not only in space observations but also nature and landscape observations (birds, planes, remote buildings). Magnification of a microscope equipped with 3 objective lenses is even stronger and equals 900x! You will be able to observe microscopic creatures, onion skin cells, tentacles of an ant, algae, leaves of moss and many more! Thanks to a double system of specimen illuminating (natural and artificial light) you can use the microscope at night and in less convenient conditions. In a box you will find prepared slides, which can be used the moment you unpack them. There are also necessary tools to make your own slides, precision tools, reagent vials. This perfect gift will never turn boring! Every ScienceMaster set additionally contains a kit necessary for every astronomy enthusiast. ScienceMaster set is made of light, tested and safe materials. educational instrument, which is perfect for both amateurs and professionals in hunting, ornithology, mounting of masts and radio aerials etc.
Universal tourist binoculars?8x21 are perfect for?watching birds, wild game, landscapes, planes and sport events. Lenses are?coated with special layers of magnesium fluoride, improving the index of light transmission and guaranteeing natural mirroring of colours. In the central part of the binoculars there are?precious glass prisms, built in a German system ? Schmidt-Pechan.?This ensures?wide visual field?while the?small size of the instrument is maintained. Folded, the binoculars fit in a pocket and?comes in handy whenever anything interesting happens.?Light and solid body?is made of aluminium and padded with a?rubber armour. It prevents the binoculars from getting damaged, absorbs punches and guarantees secure grip. Binoculars have also got a?practical case, which can be attached to a belt.

Technical specifications of the microscope

Model:: Opticon Pupil Magnification Range:: 150x, 450x, 900x Natural Light (mirror): Yes Electric Light: Yes Ready to view slides: Yes Blank slides: Yes Lab tool kit: Yes Power: 2 AA battery

Technical specification of the telescope

Model: Opticon StarRanger Optical System: Refractor (lens telescope) Diameter [mm]: 45mm Focal lenght [mm]: 600mm Aperture range: f/13,3 Mounting type: Azimuth Statyw:: Aluminium, full size Tripod height [cm]: 120cm Focuser: 0,98`` Magnification: 90x Lenses included: Huygens 10 mm Huygens 5 mm Finderscope: 5 x 24 mm

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